A new Instagram page was created under the name "Jana M Wissman," which was then re-shared to Reddit by a suspecting follower. The families have known each other for years, so it wouldnt be a surprise if their kids ended up together. All rights reserved. Were you hoping for a better update? For months,Counting Onfans were convinced that Jana Duggar was courting Stephen Wissmann. Born as a Cancer on the 15th of July, Stephen Wissmann reached the age of 27 in July 2020. He is gifted in initiating conversations that encourage and challenge, and he has a heart for ministry. So, it looks like all of the rumors about Jana and Stephen were, in fact, true. Kelly Clarkson to Ex-Husband: GTFO of My House!!! In a new Instagram post, Katie Joy ofWithout a Crystal Ballreveals relationship details that have been confirmed by people close to the family. They are sitting so close together!". The Duggar and Wissmann families also visited Magnolia in Texas over the weekend, as Stephen appeared to be standing behind Jana in one group photo. Counting Onviewers shared their theories after Stephen was spotted dancing at a party without her at the weekend. ", A third posted: "I think that they were at one point but it appears to be over. He is gifted in initiating conversations that encourage and challenge, and he has a heart for ministry., Stephen is part of the familys band, as he directs a lot of our music arrangements, plays mandolin and guitar, and sings lead and bass.. Jana has been rumored to be dating multiple men through the years, though she has never entered an official courtship. Stephen's family has 13 kids whereas Jana Duggar's family has 19 kids. According to reports,Counting Onstar Jana Duggar may have split from Stephen Wissmann. Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 Concludes with THREE Engagements! I dont think she would give any details that the (possible) couple hasnt publicized themselves, yet, a third chimed in. Whats more, Jana and Stephen are friends on Facebook and Janas siblings Joy-Anna, Jed, Jill and sister-in-law Anna Duggar follow him on his private Instagram. On Tuesday evening, new information about the rumored relationship has surfaced. Wissmann, Stephen Jana Duggar, Courtship, and Dating Janna's father, Jim Bob, explained the distinction between courting and dating her siblings, Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald, in 2013. The charge was originally filed on September 10 for an incident that allegedly occurred one day before. Looks like her hair and similar jacket in Magnolia vid," they wrote on Reddit, alongside two screenshots from the event. The photo was on the Wissmann family blog and has since been deleted. Jana is oftenlabeled Cinderella Duggarby fans, as she is the oldest unmarried sibling ofJim BobandMichelle's 19 children. He makes small furniture and directs a lot of our music arrangements, plays mandolin and guitar, and sings lead and bass. Just a few weeks ago Duggar fans found a clue that suggested Jana could already be engaged to her rumored beau after spotting a newly created Instagram page. For months now, weve been hearing reports that Jana Duggar is being courted Stephen Wissmann. Fans are also glad that Jana gets to wear pants, which is against her familys strict dress codes. A collection of experienced writers and editors, we aim to provide relevant and informative articles related to your favorite celebrities. In her post, Katie writes: "Jana and Stephen Wissmann were courting. However, the relationship didnt end how fans hoped it would. Even in those days, the reasons for the split remained under wraps. They wrote: "Stephen Wissmann is square dancing and it's not with Jana. "But the bottom line is, the network really wants to be on the right side of this scandal ahead of Josh's trial. Like everyone else in the musical family, she hones musical skills, especially over hammered-dulcimer and guitar. Many noticed a few online photos of Jana standing next to Stephen at a Christmas family vacation in a now-deleted Wissman family blog post, according toThe Sun. Unfortunately, the Wissmanns have been as quiet as the Duggars, including Stephens sister, Hannah, whos been making tabloid headings in her own right. Required fields are marked *. Its possible she was being sarcastic or joking with the wedding answer maybe she knew who asked it and was being funny, hence the haha to start, one Reddit user wrote. And for a while, it looked as though she had done just that. For years, Duggar diehards have been rooting for Jana to find the right man and settle down. Stephen is a Nebraska-based businessman and professional pilot, and of course, hes also a fundamentalist Christian whose faith takes center stage in his life. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Jana Duggar . And these days, the Duggars are much, much more secretive as a result of the latest scandal involving Josh. So, the family's followers are on the lookout for more hints about this rumored couple. They are not quite as big as the Duggars but Stephens parents Loren and Gloria Wissmann do have 13 kids. The description read: He enjoys being a pilot, assistant manager of Wissmann Enterprises, Inc., making small furniture, and being physically active through workouts and sports. Clearly, he has been active through routine workouts and sports. The Wissmann family is popular in the fundamentalist community, as his parents Loren and Gloria share 13 children together. launched a petition to boycott Counting On. So yea, they did date. The image was shortly deleted from the Wissmann family blog. Joshs arrest on child pornography charges, Jana was being courted by Stephen Wissmann, Jana and Stephen have ended their relationship. December 14, 2021 by Aubrey Chorpenning 0 Comments. However, fans havent seen much evidence of them dating together. A fan of Jana shared a screenshot of Stephen square dancing at a music festival on Saturday night. He enjoys being a pilot, assistant manager of Wissmann Enterprises, Inc., making small furniture, and being physically active through workouts and sports. But that wont prevent fans on Reddit from speculating as to what might have happened. His forte includes reality TV shows, TV series, gaming, and sports. They were spotted together, causing rumors to fly about the two of them dating. Counting Onfans have been keeping their eyes close to Jana Duggar and Stephen Wissmann for months. He pled guilty to aggravated criminal sexual abuse after negotiating a plea agreement. Rumors that Jana was being courted by Stephen Wissmannbegan to circulate in March of this year. There has been heavy speculation about Janas relationships over the years. Counting On: Joy-Anna Duggar Stuns As Due Date Nears, Sister Wives: Mykelti Padron Shares Shocking Childhood With Robyn. Sister Wives: Meri Brown Officially Joins Christine In Utah? According to blogger Without A Crystal Ball, Jana, 31, was seen with Stephen enjoying time together at a 4th of July event in Seward. The Cast Shares The Truth. Jana has been linked with the 27-year-old pilot since they spent Christmas together and shared a getaway to Texas. All articles, images, product names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners. Sister Wives: Gwendlyn Brown Praised For Saying THIS To Robyn & Kody, Sister Wives: Christine Browns Glow-Up Pic Stuns Fans, Counting On: Jill Duggar Gushes Over Israels Big Boy Gesture. There are also pictures and clips of Stephen dancing with his sisters as well as other girls during the party. Meanwhile, others think that its also one of Janas ways to move on from her rumored breakup with her alleged boyfriend, Stephen Wissmann. Copyright 2020 TruthMag100. But its totally plausible that the young lovebirds are engaged. The Wissmann familys webpage describes Stephen Wissmann as a man of multiple talents. The account has since been changed. Send it to us! In addition to writing about and watching TV, she enjoys spending time with her family and cats, baking, reading, and doing DIY projects. In other words, other than their little geography problem, Jana and Stephen are perfect for one [] Jana Duggaris famous for her time on19 Kids and Countingand its now-canceled spinoffCounting On, but she has made headlines this year for her dating life. In Touch Weekly has affiliate partnerships so we may receive compensation for some links to products and services. There are rumors that Hannah is engaged to Jeremiah Duggar, but the future of that relationship depends at least partially on the relationship between Jana and Stephen. Finally wearing jeans!! After her brotherJosh Duggarwas found guilty for possessing and receiving child pornography on December 9, Jana was charged with endangering the welfare of a minor the next day,In Touchconfirmed from the Elms Springs, Arkansas district clerk. Anyway, the Milford, Nebraska native Stephen Wissmann reportedly garnered nearly $250 thousand net worth before early-2021. JANA Duggar's fans are convinced she has split from her pilot "boyfriend" Stephen Wissman. Notice that once the wedding registry was updated with their first names removed, Stephen Wissmann . They speculated that Jana could potentially be reserving the username for post-marriage. Fans now suspect Jana is courting, which means dating, as a Tumblr user posted a photo of Jana next to Nebraska pilot Stephen Wissmann, 27, during his familys Christmas celebration. Stephen Wissmann Jana Duggar, Courting, Dating Back in 2013, Janaa's father Jim Bob had explained the difference between courting and dating to her siblings Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald. Everyone does it, says Lottie Moss, Izabel Goulart's hard work pays off as she shows off her enviable figure. It may be quite some time before we know the full truth of this situation. The speculations concerning the pair started after a Tumblr user shared a photo that shows Jana sitting on a couch next to Stephen. He is certified as a private pilot for a single engine airplane. So, are you disappointed to learn that Jana Duggar and Stephen Wissmanns rumored relationship didnt work out? In recent months, the vast majority of the coverage surrounding the Duggar family has had to do with Joshs arrest on child pornography charges. Recently, Jana has been spotted with a man named Stephen Wissmann. Jana Duggar is said to have been spotted with her rumored beau Stephen Wissmann Credit: Instagram. The source concluded: "The case has put the show in such a bad light, and although it's a shame for those who worked hard on it, and the money spent, there really is no way forward.". ", A second said: "This feels huge to me. Come back toEntertainment Chroniclefor all your TLC updates and news. But now, new details about the rumored couple have surfaced. What is their relationship status now? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. Michael Malley is a Content Writer for over three years now. Those two aspects of life in the Duggar clan might appear to be unrelated, but Joshs latest scandal has impacted just about everyone who shares his last name. The Sun reached out to Stephen, who did not deny a courtship with Jana. Wissmann Enterprises, Inc. provides services from roof coatings to painting. In fact, the only exception we know of from Janas generation is the failed relationship between Josiah Duggar and Marjorie Jackson. Apparently, it all started when the Wissmann family attended a party without Jana. Jana Duggar's Rumored Relationship With Boyfriend Stephen Wissman Seemingly Fizzled Out: Details. Fans from Reddit also speculated that the two are no longer together. The Duggar and Wissmann families also visited Magnolia in Texas that weekend, as Stephen appeared to be standing behind Jana in one group photo. So it says, he is a pilot and assistant manager of Wissmann Enterprises, Inc. Counting On fans noticed a bizarre private Instagram account that has the username JanamWissmann. Several of Janas sisters got knocked up while they were still in their teens, and Jim Bob is reportedly baffled by his eldest daughters decision to spend her young adult years doing anything other than popping out babies. Several of the Duggars are pictured too. The Duggar and Wissmann families also visited Magnolia in Texas over the weekend, as Stephen appeared to be standing behind Jana in one group photo. Why add the haha? The Wissmann family band (PIC: Wissmann Familys IG). On Tumblr, a photo of Jana and Stephen was posted. They were courting. A source told The Sun: "The petition from those who boycotted Counting On was hard to ignore, and sponsors were very concerned following Josh's arrest.". what was jeff bezos high school gpa, grace memorial funeral home obituaries, webbing caterpillar on bottlebrush,
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